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Unapologetic @ 50

Jan 28, 2022

Research shows that online dating is on the rise and it appears to be a practical way to date for most people.  Instead of dating in person in an old school manner, people often rely on dating sites or apps to find a new partner.


While there are many advantages to online dating, there are still some issues related to it.


Are you looking for love online?


Is online dating worth it?


Find out more as Sharon invited Nicole, an expert in blended family dynamics and relationships, and together they discussed the following:


  • How to stay safe when dating online
  • Why it's healthy to reflect on your past relationships
  • Building friendship - the first approach to dating
  • How Nicole transitioned into a blended family
  • The importance of self awareness to find dating success
  • Why Communication is the key to a long term relationship

And so much more!


About Nicole Odom-Hardnett:

Nicole Odom-Hardnett is an author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and an expert in blended family dynamics and relationships. She's living the experience of a blended household with her husband (Thomas Hardnett, Jr.), and seven (7) beautiful yet very different adult children, and one (1) grandchild.

She started her entrepreneurial pursuit as the founder of Focus Point Solutions (2010); Initially founded as a transitional housing facility, its chain of transitional projects has grown into Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs and Mental Health Centers with four (4) centers in Maryland. It plans to enlarge its territory to other states!


Mrs. Hardnett has authored three books, her first book, Blended to Perfection, is partially based on obstacles she faced as she brings the families together in the same house while dealing with inside and outside forces determined to see the union fail. After a rough start and hard work, her family is blended to perfection.


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