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Unapologetic @ 50

May 31, 2022

Telling your story can be a powerful  tool to raise awareness, to motivate, to encourage, as well as to inspire others in their life. 


Did you know that sharing your stories with others can make a difference to others?


The TRUTH is, there is great power in sharing stories. You never know when your story may help someone. Not to mention the fact that sharing your hard stuff can be healing and therapeutic.


In this episode, Sharon sits down with Liea Baez, who has a special message to share with us today. She will be sharing with us her inspiring story about how she overcame past challenges and obstacles. And the best part, how she became successful despite the failures.


About Liea Baez:

Leia Baez is an award-winning journalist, government communications director, mindset coach and motivational speaker. While Leia spent most of her career telling other people’s stories as a journalist, it’s her own story of overcoming adversity that went viral online, reaching more than 6.5 million people across the globe. Leia’s story proves the power of a positive mindset and inspires people to embrace the difficult times in life.

Her latest adventure >> publishing her first book, A Star for Stella. This memoir shines a light on trauma, alcoholism, divorce and fighting to be the best version of yourself. 

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